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Spinning Box

The Tan Vinh Phat spinning box from vietnam suppliers, in the context of textile manufacturing and especially in the production of nonwoven fabrics, is a crucial component of the production process. It is a device or assembly responsible for distributing and aligning the filaments or fibers that have been extruded or spun from the spinneret in a consistent and controlled manner.

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Product Description

The Tan Vinh Phat spinning box plays a significant role in ensuring that the filaments are evenly distributed and oriented to form a uniform web or sheet of nonwoven material. This step is essential in the production of high-quality nonwoven fabrics used in various industries, including textiles, filtration, and more.

The spinning box from vietnam suppliers serves to evenly distribute the molten material, which has been controlled by the metering pump, to the spinning components under a specific pressure. It also provides a final stage of heating and insulation to the melt.

spinning box's Technical Advantages

The spinning box employs a well-designed structure with a hot oil heating and insulation system. It exhibits an attractive appearance and low power consumption. Notably, it ensures the uniform thickness of the fibers, resulting in a fine monofilament texture without issues like breakage or roughness in the filaments.

The spinning components consist of a spinning filter, distribution panel, seals, and spinneret.

Spinning Box

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