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PP Spunbond Non-woven Production Line
  • PP Spunbond Non-woven Production LinePP Spunbond Non-woven Production Line

PP Spunbond Non-woven Production Line

Tan Vinh Phat is a professional manufacturer of PP and PET nonwovens in vietnam, serving as a reliable supplier of nonwoven machinery and a dedicated factory for PP Spunbond Non-woven Production Lines.The PP Spunbond Non-woven Production Line is a manufacturing system designed for the production of non-woven fabric made from polypropylene (PP) through the spunbonding process.

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Product Description

This type of production line typically involves various machinery and processes to create non-woven materials that are durable, versatile, and widely used in a range of applications, including textiles, packaging, medical supplies, and more. The PP Spunbond Non-woven Production Line may include extruders, spinnerets, web formation units, bonding equipment, and other components to produce PP spunbond non-woven fabrics of different specifications and characteristics.

Tan Vinh Phat PP Spunbond Non-woven Production Line’s Advantages:

This PP Spunbond Non-woven Production Line utilizes airflow to transport raw materials and is based on the principle that solid objects can be suspended in the airflow and, at a certain velocity, can move under varying air pressure.

Automatic suction or halt is determined by the extruder's speed.

Master batch Adding Device

The primary function of the Master batch Addition Device is to impart color and functionality to the final fabric.

Sucking Device

PP Spunbond Non-woven Production Line

Technical Benefits

The Master batch Addition Device plays a pivotal role in the entire production line. The master batch motor operates in sync with the screw extruder at a specific speed set by the inverter motor. As per the requirements of the production process, it precisely adds auxiliary materials and color master batch, blending them with the raw materials. This ensures a consistent melt viscosity and color, thereby maintaining color and quality consistency throughout the production process.

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