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RPET Nonwoven Shopping Bag
  • RPET Nonwoven Shopping BagRPET Nonwoven Shopping Bag

RPET Nonwoven Shopping Bag

Tan Vinh Phat is one of Vietnam's leading producers and distributors of RPET nonwoven shopping bag. In addition to paying close attention to the demands and specifications of our clients, we will continue to innovate, place a premium on quality, and—above all—adhere to environmental protection regulations in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced.Tan Vinh Phat is committed to meeting the needs of each and every customer because we understand that successful business operations depend on morality and sustainability. We welcome your cooperation and attention as clients and partners.

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Product Description

Tan Vinh Phat is an acclaimed RPET Nonwoven Shopping Bag supplier, which is committed to providing customers with high-quality environmental protection products. Our RPET Nonwoven Shopping Bag is made of recycled polyester fiber, which has excellent firmness and sustainability. In addition to product advantages, we also actively advocate the concept of environmental protection, and are committed to providing customers with customized solutions and quality after-sales service. By choosing Xinrongfa, you will get reliable partners to jointly promote the cause of environmental protection.

RPET Nonwoven Shopping Bag

Tan Vinh Phat RPET Nonwoven Shopping Bag introduction

As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, green consumption is gradually becoming a fashion. In the trend of green consumption, RPET non-woven fabric, as a new type of green environmental protection material, is gradually receiving more and more people's attention. Among them, making shopping bags with RPET non-woven fabric has become a trend, and its characteristic advantages make it very competitive in the market.

Environmentally sustainable

RPET non-woven fabric is made from discarded mineral water bottles, Coke bottles and related non-woven wastes, and its low-carbon source creates a new concept in the field of recycling. Compared with traditional plastic shopping bags, RPET non-woven shopping bags have better environmental performance, which not only reduces the generation of waste, but also reduces the pollution to the environment through recycling.

RPET Nonwoven Shopping Bag

Lightweight and durable

RPET non-woven fabric has the characteristics of lightweight, durable, made of shopping bags not only feel comfortable, and load-bearing capacity, to meet the various needs of consumers in the shopping. At the same time, RPET non-woven shopping bags are also waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof and other characteristics, which makes it easy for consumers to use for a long time.

Fashionable and beautiful

RPET non-woven shopping bags not only have practical functions, but also has the characteristics of fashion and beauty. Through the matching of design, colour and pattern, various styles of shopping bags can be produced to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers. In addition, RPET non-woven shopping bags also have good breathability and warmth, suitable for use in all seasons.


RPET non-woven shopping bags also have multi-functionality, can provide consumers with more convenience. For example, the shopping bag can be equipped with a number of small pockets to facilitate the classification of consumers to store items; can also be designed with a zip style, to improve the safety performance; and can even be equipped with removable straps, so that consumers can be adjusted according to their own needs.

In short, RPET non-woven shopping bags, as a green, lightweight and durable, fashionable and multifunctional products, is gradually favoured by consumers. In today's increasingly aware of environmental protection, choose to use RPET non-woven shopping bags can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also show the personal fashion taste and social responsibility!

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