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About Tan Vinh Phat

Tan Vinh Phat Manufacturing Trading Investment Co., Ltd. always supports the development of a sustainable business in parallel with compliance with the standards of environmental protection, minimizing plastic waste. We never develop business at any cost but affect the environment. Because only when we respect and do business based on environmental protection, can those business activities be long-term, effective and supported by the community and society.

All customers' needs will be met at Tan Vinh Phat, besides continuous efforts to satisfy customers through always focusing on innovation, putting quality to be the first goal, diligent in customer caring, and more importantly, we also have business commitments according to the criteria of sustainable development -environmental protection. We hope to receive the attention and cooperation of our customers and partners. In recent years, along with the development of the world’s industry in general and Vietnam. In particular, it is a warning about environmental pollution, and one of the typical causes is plastic waste.

Recognizing that, we have found a direction in which our company is proud that we can bring great value to the future of all humanity. By needle punched non woven fabric from recycled raw materials production line, and producing PP non-woven fabric that decomposes in nature. We offer products that serve human life while being friendly and solve many environmental problems nowadays.

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