SSMMS Non-woven Production Line
  • SSMMS Non-woven Production LineSSMMS Non-woven Production Line

SSMMS Non-woven Production Line

The Tan Vinh Phat high quality SSMMS non-woven production line at our Vietnam factory is outfitted with dedicated machinery and equipment for each crucial stage, encompassing extrusion for spinning, web formation, meltblown technology, and bonding techniques. This meticulous process yields SSMMS fabric renowned for its exceptional strength, high filtration efficiency, and versatility. It finds prominent use in applications where superior barrier properties are essential, including but not limited to medical gowns, surgical drapes, and other protective clothing.

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Product Description

The Tan Vinh Phat SSMMS Non-woven Production Line boasts several key features that contribute to its efficiency and user-friendly operation:

Structural Simplicity: The SSMMS Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric Machine is intelligently designed with a straightforward structure, facilitating ease of operation and ensuring optimal manufacturing efficiency.

High Automation: With a high degree of automation, the SSMMS Non-woven Production Line minimizes the need for manual intervention, thereby enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

Reliable Components: Utilizing components from reputable brand-name manufacturers ensures the reliability of the machine, promoting stable performance throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Advanced Control: Controlled by a state-of-the-art PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), the SSMMS Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric Machine features a user-friendly touch screen interface. This advanced control system simplifies operation, contributing to ease of use and efficient control.

Customizable Layout: The layout of the primary machinery and auxiliary equipment can be customized to meet the specific needs and conditions of the user. This flexibility ensures adaptability to various production requirements.

These features collectively make the SSMMS Non-woven Production Line from Vietnamese suppliers a highly efficient and user-friendly system. It is capable of producing non-woven fabric within a weight range of 10-150g/㎡ and achieves an annual production capacity ranging from 900 to 16,000 tons, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for different production demands.

SSMMS Non-woven Production Line

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