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PLA Nonwoven Fabric
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  • PLA Nonwoven FabricPLA Nonwoven Fabric

PLA Nonwoven Fabric

Tan Vinh Phat is a renowned producer and supplier of PLA nonwoven fabric in Vietnam. We'll keep coming up with new ideas, putting quality first and, most importantly, following the law to reduce the amount of plastic garbage produced. Additionally, we will carefully consider our clients' needs and preferences. Since ethics and sustainability are crucial elements of sustainable business operations, Tan Vinh Phat is committed to meeting the demands of each and every customer. We value your collaboration and consideration as our clients and partners.

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Product Description

PLA nonwoven fabric, also known as biodegradable nonwoven fabric or corn fibre nonwoven fabric, is a new type of environmentally friendly material. Tan Vinh Phat PLA nonwoven fabrics can be customised according to customers' needs. Different grammages, specifications and colours are available to meet specific customer needs.

Advantages of Tan Vinh Phat PLA Nonwoven Fabric

1. Degradability

The biggest advantage of Tan Vinh Phat PLA nonwoven fabric is its degradability. This material can be quickly decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms in nature after use, thus causing no pollution to the environment. Compared with conventional plastic products, our PLA nonwovens are significantly more environmentally friendly.

2. Excellent physical properties

Tan Vinh Phat PLA nonwoven fabrics are lightweight, soft, strong and resistant to abrasion. These properties make it widely used in packaging, filtration, medical supplies and other fields.

Characteristics of Tan Vinh Phat polylactic acid nonwoven fabrics

1. Environmentally sustainable

The raw materials used in the production of Tan Vinh Phat PLA nonwoven fabrics mainly come from crops such as corn, which can be naturally regenerated during the planting process, thus achieving the goal of environmental sustainability. In addition, our PLA nonwoven fabrics produce less waste during the production process, further reducing the impact on the environment.

PLA Nonwoven Fabric

Application of Tan Vinh Phat PLA non-woven fabrics

1. Tea bags, medicine bags: Because Tan Vinh Phat Tan Vinh Phat PLA nonwoven fabric has good air permeability and moisture resistance, it can be widely used to make tea bags and medicine bags. These bags can protect tea leaves and medicines from the external environment while prolonging their shelf life.

2. Packaging materials: Tan Vinh Phat Tan Vinh Phat PLA nonwoven fabrics have the advantages of light weight, high strength, and abrasion resistance, so they can be widely used to make packaging materials. For example, the packaging of clothing, electronic products, food and other products can use our PLA nonwoven fabrics as raw materials. These materials can reduce the pollution to the environment and at the same time reduce the consumption of natural resources.

3. Agriculture: Tan Vinh Phat PLA nonwovens can be used as raw materials for agricultural supplies such as agricultural film and mulch. These products can be decomposed quickly after use, thus avoiding pollution of the soil and the environment. In addition, our PLA nonwoven fabrics can also be used to make agricultural filter materials and thermal insulation materials.

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